Yukiko's Floral Design Studio (415) 456-6763 -- Kentfield/Greenbrae, California
    Succulents:    Designer's Arrangements
succulent ikebana with red flower
Succulent Ikebana with single flower
Flowering plant succulents,
angiospermae, arrangement in driftwood
holder (approximately 12" x 15"), $205.00
flowering succulents driftwood marin shore
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Succulent Plant in white container  $75.00
cactus arrangement in round container
Care Free Cactus $75.00
succulents arranged in rectangular holder
succulents in gravel
Succulents arranged in gravel bed in
rectangular container.
Succulents Arranged in Rectangular Holder $95.00
Succulent Arrangement in decorative
holder as viewed from top (above)
and as viewed from front (at right)
Contemporary Floral Designs by Yukiko