Sculptures Climb Mountain

Silhouette of natural stone formations climbing mountain slope recalls Barrier Canyon Style of ancient pictographs.

Barrier Canyon style natural formation seen from Colorado River bank. Photo by Peter Neibert.
Natural stone formation (viewed from Colorado River bank) reflects 5500 year old Barrier Canyon style of stone pictographs in US Southwest. Henry Mountains often snow-capped in August.

The Holy Ghost Group is the seminal work of the Barrier Canyon style of rock art.  It is in the Great Gallery of Horseshoe canyon about 100 miles north of the photographer’s site on the Colorado river bank.

Anasazi and other archaic native Americans travelling along the river 5,500 years ago probably saw the natural stone silhouette as it appears in this contemporary photograph. The Holy Ghost’s painted pictograph, the work of archaic native Americans 5500 years ago, resembles this formation.

Post below shows my photographs of Barrier Canyon Style rock paintings.