Peter Neibert Artist’s Context

I sculpt wood, stone, and occasional mixed media since 2008;   for many years longer I’ve had my hands on photography and photo-editing in Photoshop.

peter neibert self portrait rocinante5
Peter Neibert self portrait (woodcolor)

I completed two years in sculpture studio at College of Marin.

These days I work mostly in wood:  I use a lot of “reclaimed” redwood from my thirty year old redwood fence.  Sun bleached and weathered.

I started using old fence lumber to rework a sagging corner. 


fence posts hand carved by Peter Neibert, Kentfield, Marin County
Fence post(s) & Spirit Door Sculptures in Marin

It wasn’t all reclaimed old wood — I got a new redwood 6” x 6” post from Rafael Lumber and carved one of the two wood spirits into it and drove it deep into the ground  If you pass by my place, be sure to look for my open spirit door.

I also bought a long new redwood 4” x 12” beam just to have it around.  By and by I started carving it for sculpture projects.  Some worked out, some didn’t.  When you have a beam and the project goes sour, well, you still have a beam. 


owl / not owl – redwood sculpture with plexiglas

So, I used one of those second chance boards to make my “owl / not owl” piece. 

It’s considered a “self-portrait without a face,” which means it’s made out of old things, parts and materials that are uniquely mine.  So, if you know me, you’d know that piece is mine without having to be told. 



face blind multiples with eyes, without noses, mouths or chins
face blind image with forehead, eyes, nose bridge and upper cheeks.


Of course, if you don’t know me, it might be puzzling.




head case on used barrel ~ 3 wood carvings inspired by Nara period gigaku masks. Sculptor Peter Neibert. Click on photo to enlarge.
head case on used barrel ~ 3 wood carvings inspired by Nara period gigaku masks.

My “head case” mixed media container (3 sculptures inside) 1.







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