Indoor Wood Sculptures May 2013 – Class Photo

You can see here that the Face Blind influence finds its way into most of my sculptures.

Wood Sculptures by Peter Neibert, 2013
Wood Sculptures by Peter Neibert, 2013

These are sculptures for indoor display.  The major piece missing is “Head Case” which is on exhibit at the Marin Civic Center for most of the summer, this year.  Meanwhile, I have posted it on Etsy,

Don’t overlook the brick fireplace in the picture.  I removed the fire insert (700 pounds) and refinished the bricks in hard acrylics.  Yes, I did.


Author: Peter Neibert

I carve stone & wood sculpture, and photograph ikebana, pictographs, landscapes and my own sculptures. I browse my images on screen until one of them speaks to me. Then I work-up something in Photoshop. Often, I do nothing with it for a long time -- perhaps until another browsing trail leads me back to it. So, it might become a simple inkjet print, or a Photoshop project, or a carving -- often I take pictures of the work-in-progress, and work them into the progress of the work. My studio is in Kentfield, California.

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