Sego Canyon: Combine D2

“Sego Canyon, Combine D2” (multimedia) wall-hanging derives from  ancient, native American pictographs.

Acrylic on reclaimed redwood, masks carved in fir, pictographic digital photos printed on canvas; dimensions: 20in w x 30in h x 7in deep; wood, acrylic, canvas, plexiglas
Sego Canyon: Combine D2 (Mixed Media wall-hanging)

Acrylic on reclaimed redwood, masks carved in fir scrap, pictographic digital photos printed on canvas (digital inkjet);

  • Dimensions: 20 inches wide x 30 inches high x 7 inches deep;
  • Material: wood, acrylic, digital photos, canvas, plexiglas (translucent over white wall)

Sego Canyon pictographs are probably about 700 years old.  These paintings on desert stone are loosely (and incorrectly) characterized) as Anasazi.  It is more likely that these were made by unknown tribe(s) after the Anasazi disappearance from the Colorado Plateau (circa 1100 – 1275 c.e.).

Significantly, the style of the Sego panels is clearly influenced by the 5,000 year old pictographs in Barrier Canyon — about 100 miles distant.

Photography by Peter Neibert

Author: Peter Neibert

I carve stone & wood sculpture, and photograph ikebana, pictographs, landscapes and my own sculptures. I browse my images on screen until one of them speaks to me. Then I work-up something in Photoshop. Often, I do nothing with it for a long time -- perhaps until another browsing trail leads me back to it. So, it might become a simple inkjet print, or a Photoshop project, or a carving -- often I take pictures of the work-in-progress, and work them into the progress of the work. My studio is in Kentfield, California.

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