Christo-Wrapped — Marin General Hospital 2016

Marin County sculpture done neatly in two views.
Honestly, it was not the real Christo who did this — it’s actually native genius in anonymous architecture.

Christo was here -- Marin General Hospital
Christo was here — Marin General Hospital

Christo was here -- Marin General Hospital
Very neatly tucked-in — Marin General Hospital

Face-blind sculpture was the beginning, not the end.
And that’s the truth.

Author: Peter Neibert

I carve stone & wood sculpture, and photograph ikebana, pictographs, landscapes and my own sculptures. I browse my images on screen until one of them speaks to me. Then I work-up something in Photoshop. Often, I do nothing with it for a long time -- perhaps until another browsing trail leads me back to it. So, it might become a simple inkjet print, or a Photoshop project, or a carving -- often I take pictures of the work-in-progress, and work them into the progress of the work. My studio is in Kentfield, California.

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