Survivor on Telegraph Avenue WIP1601b

Wood Sculpture Survivor Telegraph Ave
Survivor Telegraph Ave Oakland
Survivor on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland holds Fugitive mask with interior consciousness, while swallowing head — Survivor’s tentative selection for the day.

Wood sculpture (48 lbs, 50″ tall), oil stain, flame, acrylic, pastel), digital combine.

Detail of Masks are here

Woman I and Woman 1.3D WIP

Photo of MoMA’s Giclee print DeKooning’s 2D (flat flat flat – but not really) painting named Woman I (52nd version on its original canvas).
Alongside is my 3D sculpture WIP, at about the same scale as the original painting, color matching to those in MoMA’s Giclee print.

Woman I print and sculpture WIP
Woman I print and sculpture WIP

3/4 view of the sculpture.
Woman I 3D Three-quarter view (WIP)
Woman I 3D Three-quarter view (WIP)

Back view (first ever 3D version – even Willem deKooning hasn’t seen this).
Woman I 3D verso (WIP)
Woman I 3D verso (WIP)


Cervantes is Dead?

remains of cervantes?
Investigators said on Tuesday that some of the remains of Cervantes are believed to be among the samples. Credit Madrid Regional Government

Why wasn’t I told ?

I thought he was looking so good as Peter O’toole.

don-quixote-on-rocinante: carving-in-fence post by Peter Neibert
don quixote on rocinante: sculpture-in redwood fence post by Peter


Don Quixote as Peter O'toole, wood sculpture by Peter Neibert
Don Quixote as Peter O’toole, wood sculpture by Peter

Survivor ~ Woodsculpture WIP

A character I saw one morning on Telegraph Avenue (Oakland, California) inspired The Survivor .

"Survivor" & heads/faces, WIP 2014;  wood sculpture, fir, 2014, by Peter Neibert
“Survivor” & heads/faces, WIP 2014; woodsculpture, fir, 2014, by Peter Neibert

I don’t remember his face, so I am carving five interchangeable masks to fit on the torso.

His arms hold four masks as he tries on each to choose the right one to get through the morning.


I began thinking about The Survivor torso a long time ago.

It’s carved out of a used beam I found in the back yard of Fairfax Lumber company.

I took it home in my jeep and let it dry in my garage for several months before I started work.

The picture at left shows what The Survivor #Woodsculpture looked like recently.

Here  is what the first cut looked like: