Christo-Wrapped — Marin General Hospital 2016

Marin County sculpture done neatly in two views.
Honestly, it was not the real Christo who did this — it’s actually native genius in anonymous architecture.

Christo was here -- Marin General Hospital
Christo was here — Marin General Hospital

Christo was here -- Marin General Hospital
Very neatly tucked-in — Marin General Hospital

Face-blind sculpture was the beginning, not the end.
And that’s the truth.

Survivor ~ Woodsculpture WIP

A character I saw one morning on Telegraph Avenue (Oakland, California) inspired The Survivor .

"Survivor" & heads/faces, WIP 2014;  wood sculpture, fir, 2014, by Peter Neibert
“Survivor” & heads/faces, WIP 2014; woodsculpture, fir, 2014, by Peter Neibert

I don’t remember his face, so I am carving five interchangeable masks to fit on the torso.

His arms hold four masks as he tries on each to choose the right one to get through the morning.


I began thinking about The Survivor torso a long time ago.

It’s carved out of a used beam I found in the back yard of Fairfax Lumber company.

I took it home in my jeep and let it dry in my garage for several months before I started work.

The picture at left shows what The Survivor #Woodsculpture looked like recently.

Here  is what the first cut looked like: