Survivor ~ Woodsculpture WIP

A character I saw one morning on Telegraph Avenue (Oakland, California) inspired The Survivor .

"Survivor" & heads/faces, WIP 2014;  wood sculpture, fir, 2014, by Peter Neibert
“Survivor” & heads/faces, WIP 2014; woodsculpture, fir, 2014, by Peter Neibert

I don’t remember his face, so I am carving five interchangeable masks to fit on the torso.

His arms hold four masks as he tries on each to choose the right one to get through the morning.


I began thinking about The Survivor torso a long time ago.

It’s carved out of a used beam I found in the back yard of Fairfax Lumber company.

I took it home in my jeep and let it dry in my garage for several months before I started work.

The picture at left shows what The Survivor #Woodsculpture looked like recently.

Here  is what the first cut looked like:

Wood Sculpture ~ Fugitive, Face & Inner Presence

The Nara fugitive’s one-eyed face looks like this now:

Nara Fugitive mask
Nara Fugitive ~ mask, Carved Fir, Acrylic and Pastel

The back of the mask is left open – to fit the torso’s neck opening (not shown here).    But when the head is apart from the body, the empty opening in the back leaves  us feeling incomplete.  So, what to do?

Well, the hollowed-out opening in back is ideally situated to possess the fugitive’s Inner Presence.  So, as the mask rotates the Inner Presence comes into view.

Nara Fugitive Inner Presence (in mask)
Nara Fugitive Inner Presence (in mask)

The Inner Presence sculpture is carved in redwood and detachable from the Nara Fugitive’s fir mask.  So then, of course, the question becomes  what to do with the Inner Presence when it’s detached?

Nara Fugitive Inner Presence, nested in back of mask.
Nara Fugitive Inner Presence, nested in hollow back of mask.


Nara Fugitive ~  inner presence
Nara Fugitive ~ inner presence