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Original Peony Arrangements
Pink Peonies with
harakeke. $145
Peonies are the elegant choice
for floral arrangements --
anniversary, birthday or romantic
Watch for my updates in Designer's Blog/
for colors and condition.
Peony bouquets are priced  with the
season in any style.
Price varies upward with number and size
of peony blooms.
Peonies with Queen Anne's
Bouquet to mark special day:
peonies, calla lilies,
amaranthus, orchids; three feet
with curly willow outside the vase.
English Garden Bouquet
with Peonies $200
Peony Ikebana with
lilies $155
Large Peonies with Curly Willow
Simple, refined, dramatic
.   Click on
images to
enlarge view
White Peonies, Lisianthus and Pine with
-- elegant arrangement is also
ready as dining table centerpiece.  
Peonies with Roses and Branches --
distinctive bouquet is ready to do
double-duty as dining table centerpiece.    
Peonies with Seasonal Flowers
arrangement in gathering vase. $200
Make Your Own Wedding Flowers with Yukiko
Send yourself to flower
school -- attend Yukiko's
Studio workshop
Call for details: 415-456-6763
Peonies in low arrangement
Peonies with Lisianthus
bouquet $145
Tall Peonies with Water
Grass & Tree Sweet
Peas - $135
Online store:  floral designs with buy now buttons Ikebana Gallery by Yukiko make wedding flowers, bridal bouquet Premium roses in original designs Sympathy Flowers 5 Foot Florals
Peonies with Harakeke in
tall glass vase  $185