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    Celebration!   Roses Love You Madly!
    Bouquet for the moment, compose the moment:  flower, stem and branch
Love You Madly!  roses, orchids, ti
leaves, curly willow in romantic  
arrangement   $250.00
Rose Bouquet, curly willow
ranunculus celebration, large bouquet
Ranunculus Celebration $225.00
red roses,calla lilies
Celebration red roses and
calla lillies:   $165.00 .
Celebration Bouquet
in red and orange $185.00
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Anemone  $185.00
ranunculus bouquet
Ranunculus asiaticus, akenes -- $235
Table Center for Christmas Celebration
with Peonies
Horsetail Ikebana
Horsetails Ikebana with Anthurium
and Proteus
flat pussy willow succulent
Flat Pussy Willow with
Pincushions, something
Artistry comes first -- I blend Ikebana
with Contemporary Floral Design Styles
Blush Italian Ranunculus Elegance
Christmas flowers side view
Celebration Bouquet
Celebration Bouquet  
in yellow and white $285.00
dozen roses
Rose Bouquet with ti leaves  
 curley willow     $215.00
Celebration!  anthurium $275.00
Easter Bouquet
Easter Bouquet by Yukiko
Easter eggs decorated by client, harp not included
Ranunculus with Hellaborous $255.00
5 footer in urn
St Patrick's Day Celebration -- 5' tall,
spider mums, Queen Anne's Lace, harakeke,
leucadendron, spirea bush --
one of a long running, weekly series of five
footers installed at client site San Rafael.
orchids with curly willow
Orchid Bouquet, curly willow $200.00
Lisianthus succulent bouquet $175.00
Happy Birthday Celebration
Rose Bouquet with Amaranthus
Roses with Amaranthus,  large
arrangement: two dozen roses  $215.00
dozen roses with green amaranthus
rose bouquet
Rose Bouquet       $145
Orchids in tall bouquet with ti
leaves and harakeke designed
outside the vase   $300.00
Orchids tall bouquet ti leaves harakeke
tulips roses romantic bouquet
Romantic Bouquet, roses, tulips, Queen
Anne's lace, harakeke, ivy, curly willow,
seasonal berries  $165.00
Queen Anne's Lace with Larkspur
Queen Anne's Lace with Larkspur
Roses with Queen Anne's Lace $125.00