dale chihuly green leaf venetian de Young museum
Yukiko's Floral Design Studio -- Kentfield/Greenbrae, California 94904
Bouquets to Art by Yukiko:    Artistry Comes First...
Original Designs Installed at de Young Museum, San Francisco, 2002 to Present
Ikebana in Porcelain Room, Legion of Honor San Francisco,2003
Bouquet to Anthony Van Dyck, Yukiko Neibert
XVII Century Louis XIV Painted Antechamber, Legion of Honor San Francisco
Guide to Yukiko's Floral Designs
bessie harvey, bouquet to arts de young museum
Bouquet to Joshua Johnson portrait of Letitia Grace McCurdy de Young Museum San Francisco
Bouquet  to Chihuly blown glass venetian by Yukiko Neibert
Joshua Johnson African American
painter (1763 -1824) portrait of
Letitia Grace McCurdy, bouquet by
Flowers used include deep red
leucadendron "Safari Sunset" at top left,
and various whites, lisianthus, Asiatic Lily,
others.  Shape and colors in floral design
reflect strong themes in the artist's work.
Bouquet to Art of
XVII Painted
Antechamber with
Gilt Wood and
mirror, Louis XIV
Decorative Art.
Installed at Palace of
the Legion of Honor.
Bouquets to Art by Yukiko installed Palace of Legion of Honor 2002
In Willard L. Metcalf's 1913 painting,
Winter's Festival, snow veils the
green and russet colors of the
landscape.  In Yukiko's bouquet
budding pussy willows emulate
blowing snow above the white
blanket of lilies;  the russets of
cymbidium sprigs and pussy willow
branches harmonize with the greens
of calla lilies, kale and leaves.
Anthony van Dyck:  Marie Claire de
Croy, Duchess d'Havre, and Child,
Foreground Bouquet by Yukiko
chihuly ultramarine stemmed form 1988, bouquet by yukiko
Ultramarine Stemmed Form
with Orange ("Persian" series)
1988, blown glass by Dale
Chihuly American Decorative
Art, de Young Museuum, San
Foreground bouquet by
green leaf
Phalaenopsis sweep with red...

Lady in Black with Spanish Scarf, 1910,
Robert Henry (1865-1929)
Bouquets to Art 2007 by
Limestone Stela with Ix
from southern Mexico /
Guatemala region.
Mother Earth, 1912, Chiura Obata
Yukiko has exhibited her floral
designs in the SF Museums' Bouquets
to Art since 2002.  The Covid  
pandemic interrupts this year's event;  
however, nearly all of her previous
museum installations are shown on
this page.  
    The North Korean "wanna cry"
    internet virus destroyed many of
    these original image files.  In most
    cases we retrieved duplicate files
    from elsewhere on the internet.
So, here they are.
b to a 2010
b to a 2012
Lady in Black with Spanish Scarf
Bouquets to Art 2002, By Yukiko Neibert
Installed at Palace of the Legion of Honor
porcelain room
bouquet to arts 2016
Bouquets to Art 2002
Envoi to Bouquets to Art 2002, Porcelain Room, Palace of
the Legion of Honor, San Francisco -- bouquet installed
on site by Yukiko
Ikebana 2003