Holiday flowers in Earth Tones
Ikebana Blends with Contemporary Floral Design Styles
bird of paradise, vertical bouquet,  ti leaves
roses, orchids, bouquet with
ikebana Chinese lanterns, curly willow, vertical design, green orange
succulents in unique driftwood holder
pincushion ikebana with succulents equisitum
branch ikebana with colorful lilies, harakeke Asiatic style
Holiday Bouquet       in Earth Tones -- design
includes anthurium, harakeke, curly willow,
ti leaves (wrapped outside vase), ficus,
leucadendron, seasonal berries.   $145.00
Love You Madly!  roses, orchids, ti
leaves, curly willow in romantic  
English Garden Bouquet -- Flower
arrangement for sophisticated tastes
Chinese Lanterns Ikebana --
orange and green, curly willow
designed outside vase
Asiatic Ikebana, lilies, harakeke,
succulents, seasonal berries.
Dramatic Sweep of Red Roses, with
orchids, berries, winter greens.
Floral Design Studio by Yukiko (415) 456-6763 -- Kentfield, California
I am the independent MarinFlorist:  
       I create original designs and              deliver them everywhere in Marin.
succulents rectangular red container, green flowers
yellow roses and other colors
Roses Leucadendron Bouquet --
curly willow wrapped in natural style
outside vase. $95.00
21 varieties of Succulents arranged in
driftwood from Marin shore of
Pacific Ocean.  Can't match it, but we
have others.  Call Yukiko if interested
(415) 456-6763
Birds of Paradise -- vertical
bouquet: many-colored flowers,
pin- cushions, ficus, wrapped in  
seasonal berries, ti leaves, curly
willow. $150.00
Shuiro (Japanese temple red)
rectangular ceramic holder frames
design of selected succulents in gravel.
Phalaenopsis, selected colors, with
berries, green spikes from three pots
and foliage in natural basket.  
Rose Bouquet
Bento ikebana -- roses and lily,
framed in lunch box style (sold for
Yen 100 on train station platforms in
old Japan).
Pincushion Ikebana, rising with
equisitum from succulents at base.
roses, lilies, seasonal flowers, spherical glass vase
Spherical Bouquet roses, lilies --
fits comfortably on corner of
side-table or desk.  $70.00
Careful design for desktop, sidetable, by Yukiko
Well-Fitting rose bouquet, with curly
willow  etc. $95.00
Succulents designed by Yukiko
in Round Holder